What year did Microsoft live in 2022? The company has made several big moves this year, including a mammoth acquisition worth nearly $70 billion – mired in controversy – as well as rolling out the first major feature update to Windows 11. Let’s take a look at how Microsoft fared across software, hardware and games in the last year.

Major Windows 11 Update (and Bug Updates)

Windows 11 is still relatively new, arriving in late 2021, and the biggest thing to happen to the operating system this year was the debut of its first major update. (Note that there will now only be one feature update per year, not twice a year as was the case in the past.) The Windows 11 2022 update (informally known as 22H2) arrived in September, bringing many fixes as well as some important and useful changes to the interface. We were also treated to the new “Moments” system, Microsoft’s fancy jargon for smaller updates that are more agilely applied when needed outside of a major annual feature update.

Some of the notable improvements that were made included the introduction of File Explorer tabs, allowing multiple folders to be opened in a single File Explorer window, the same way a browser has multiple tabs. This marked the delivery of a long-promised feature from Microsoft. Much attention has also been given to the taskbar with the introduction of the taskbar overflow panel, and after many requests from many Windows 11 users, the drag and drop feature has finally been brought back to the taskbar.

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Indeed, it seems like something of a theme of the year that Microsoft has been listening more to user feedback and needs, and another aspect of the taskbar – removing the option to ungroup apps in the taskbar, a feature that is in Windows 10 – seems to be will be repaired. Or at least this feature was present in testing with Windows 11 and should be available soon for those who don’t want multiple instances of the same app on the taskbar.

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